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Films of 1991
Purchase this interesting film about life with a twist by CLICKING HERE!

Directed by Stephen Wallace
Cast: Greta Scacchi, Joan Chen, Art Malik

This Australian production has "down under" journalist Scacchi investigating the Malaysian genocide of Vietnamese refugees. Chen's role as Scacchi's Vietnamese guide is meatier than most parts for Asian women, but she turns out to be (surprise!) an ex-hooker. More groundbreaking is Art Malik's role as Scacchi's sexy, confident South Asian love interest. But since this overseas movie never received theatrical distribution in the States, Malik will probably remain best-known for his villainous performance as the main Islamic terrorist in "True Lies" (1994), starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. (Columbia/TriStar Home Video)


Directed by Nancy Kelly
Cast: Rosalind Chao, Dennis Dun, Chris Cooper

Based on Ruthanne Lum McCunn's well-known biographical novel, this film traces the struggles of a Mongolian woman (Chao) who is sold into slavery in 19th-century China, but who finds independence in the American West. While director Kelly (who co-produced this film with her husband, Kenji Yamamoto) treats her material with sincerity and respect, her approach lacks passion and urgency. Reclaiming a lost history isn't enough--it has to mean something to us here and now.

STAR TREK FANS, purchase this film where Mr. Sulu has a chance to shine by CLICKING HERE!  

Directed by Nicholas Meyer
Cast: William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy,
George Takei

Captain Sulu takes command of his own starship--the "Excelsior"--and flies to save Captain Kirk's butt in this pulse-pounding Cold War allegory (the Starship Federation and the Klingons try to get along). As Sulu, Takei sits regally in his captain's seat, barking orders to crewmembers, and gives a coolly sarcastic retort to a junior officer played by Christian Slater (who makes an unbilled cameo appearance just to take orders). Finally, Sulu shows us what he can do when he's not under Kirk's thumb, and his heartfelt goodbye to his former commander at the end deserved Oscar consideration (did you read Takei's autobiography, " To the Stars?" He hates Shatner!). One of the most dynamic performances by an Asian American male in an "action film." [Guy Aoki]


Francis Nuyen Information and Pictures
of Star Trek, Joy Luck Club and other roles!

Elaan was obviously a hit with Scotty. He referred to Elaan seventy odd years later(!) in the Star Trek: The Next Generation" episode "Relics". France also appeared with "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine" semi-regular, Rosalind Chao in "The Joy Luck Club" and with Diana Muldaur, the "Star Trek: The Next Generation" second season CMO, Doctor Pulaski, in a 1971 cowboy film! France appeared on St. Elsewhere with Alfre Woodard of "Star Trek: First Contact". She also appeared in a short made at the

University of California in which she co-starred with Star Trek: Voyager's Garrett Wang.
  • "IN LOVE AND WAR" (1957) [Kalai Ducanne] WW2 drama
  • " SOUTH PACIFIC," (1958) [Liat]
  • "SATAN NEVER SLEEPS" (1961) [Siu Lan]
  • "THE LAST TIME I SAW ARCHIE" (1962) [Cindy]
  • "A GIRL NAME TAMIKO" (1963)
  • "DIAMONDHEAD" (1963)
  • "THE MAN IN THE MIDDLE" (1964)
  • " I SPY," (TV/1965) [Sam-than McLean]
  • "DIMENSION 5" (1966) [Kitty] Weird sci-fi spy
  • "STAR TREK: THE ELAAN OF TROYIUS" (1968) [Elaan]
  • "BLACK WATER GOLD" (TV/1969) [Thais]
  • "HAWAII FIVE-O" (TV/1971) [Sirone]
  • "ONE MORE TRAIN TO ROB" (1971) [Ah Toy] Cowboy film
  • "THE HORROR AT 37,000 FEET!" (TV/1972) [Annalik]
  • "THE BIG GAME" (TV/1972) [Atanga]
  • "HAWAII FIVE-O" (TV/1975) [Frances, social worker]
  • "COLUMBO: MURDER UNDER GLASS" (TV/1977) [Miss Choy]
  • "CODE NAME: DIAMONDHEAD" (TV/1977) [Tso-Tsing]
  • "RETURN TO FANTASY ISLAND" (TV/1978), "DEATH MOON" (TV/1978) [Tapulua]
  • "MAGNUM P.I.: TORAH, TORAH, TORAH" (1980) [Mia Chow]
  • "JEALOUSY" (TV/1984)   
  • "SANTA BARBARA" (TV/1984) [Dr. Chen]
  • "MIDAS VALLEY" (TV/1985)
  • "ST. ELSEWHERE" (TV/NBC, 1986-1988) [Dr. Paulette Kiem]
  • "KNOT'S LANDING" (TV/1990) [Dr. Carrol]
  • "CHINA CRY, A TRUE STORY" (1991) [Mrs Sung]
  • "RAVEN: THE DEATH OF SHEILA" (TV/1992) [Mariko]
  • "JOY LUCK CLUB" (1993) [Ying-Ying]
  • "PASSION TO KILL" (1994) [Lou Mazoud]
  • "ANGRY CAFE" (1995) [Rosie]  
  • "A SMILE LIKE YOURS" (1997) [Dr. Chin]
    Directed by Rea Tajiri

    Disturbed by her parents' silence about their internment during World War II, video artist Tajiri digs through old documentary footage and visits the ruins of her mother's camp to answer her nagging questions. However, the real subjects of this half-hour video are the uncertainty of perception and the vagaries of history. Tajiri skillfully mixes thoughtful personal insight with pointed criticism of the media as she grows to understand her parents' "loss of memory." A moving and haunting work. (Ghost Pictures)

    Interesting interracial films to include in your personal library.  Click here to purchase this thought-provoking and different film

    Directed by Srinivas Krishna
    Cast: Jennifer Armstrong, Madhuri Bhatia, Wayne Bowman, Saeed Jaffrey, Sakina Jaffrey, Bill Jay, Heri Johal, Paul Jolly, Namir Khan, Srinivas Krishna, Les Porter, Ronica Sajnani, Zohra Segala

    Krishna directs himself as an Indian Canadian ex-junkie named Krishna trying to find his moorings in modern-day Toronto after the death of his parents. Meanwhile, the Indian deity Krishna (do you see a pattern here?) visits the young man's grandmother over her TV set. Like "My Beautiful Laundrette" (see above), this color-drenched Canadian movie (released in the U.S. in 1993) is another intriguing mix of gritty South Asian reality and fantastical South Asian magic. Not to be confused with Mira Nair's "Mississippi Masala" . (Fox/Lorber Home Video)

    Purchase this great spoof on martial arts/chinese films by clicking HERE

    Directed by Mark L. Lester
    Cast: Dolph Lundgren,
    Brandon Lee, Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, Tia Carrere, Toshirô Obata, Philip Tan, Rodney Kageyama, Ernie Lively, Renee Griffin, Reid Asato, Takayo Fischer, Simon Rhee, Vernee Watson-Johnson, Lenny Imamura, Roger Yuan, Susan E. Cox, Rick Cramer, Keith Boldroff, Gerald Okamura, R. David Smith, Tony Maccario, Rome Viharo, Keenan Thomas, Steve Park, Jim Ishida, Rachen Assapiomonwait, Ryan Ryusaki, Jeff Ramsey, Phil Chong, Tera Tabrizi

    This movie has a complicated plot. The bad guy does something to the good guy. The good guy gets revenge and finds a friend to help him. The bad guys come back after the good guys. They then all get together at the end where there is a big fight scene with all the good and bad guys figCLICK HERE to purchase this interesting film. hting each other. Dolph and Brandon, naturally, kick butt and beat the bad guys in some pretty narly martial art fighting, flying, people dying, plenty of one-on-one fighting - but they eventually win out in the end. There is, of course, the love interest provided by the gorgeous Tia Carriere. Dolph and Brandon (son of Bruce) provide some great fighting, along with the other great fighters that are featured in this film.

    Directed by Shirley Sun
    Cast: To Funglin, Zhuang Genyuan, Dong Hangcheng, Qingfu Pan, Mark Salzman, Jeannette Lin Tsui, Vivian Wu, Jiang Xihong, Yang Xiru, Sun Xudong, Xiao Ying, Hu Yun, Lu Zhiquan

    The story was simple, and perhaps cliched, but seemed very real. Anybody who travels and visits other cultures, one can see what Mark goes through. "Iron and Silk" reminds us that you never know how it is until you get there, but also caters to those who look to China for something you can't find here at home. It also shows the romance, AGAIN, of a white guy with a Chinese girl - does the plot ever change!?!?!

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